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Annual Health Checkup at a large Automobile Equipment Manufacturing Company

  • February 11, 2022
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Annual Health Checkup at a large Automobile Equipment Manufacturing Company

A large global automotive equipment manufacturing company recently tied up with Magnolia Community Health to help perform a comprehensive health check-up for its employees. It was a successful health camp where we conducted multiple tests including ECG, 2D Echo, Body Composition Analysis, Ultrasound, Chest X-ray, Reflexology, Ophthalmology, Audiometry, Strength and movement tests. The comprehensive review spanned across Physical Health, Mental Health and Lifestyle.

Annual health checkup for Automobile Equipment Manufacturer

Here are the key advantages and highlights of the Annual Health Check-up.

On-Campus: The entire array of tests were conducted within the company’s campus thus having minimal work interruption for the employees.

On-Site Results: All the key testing equipment were brought onboard which means the test results were tabulated on-site itself without the need to take them to an external lab.

Quick Medical Intervention: The annual health check-up (AHC) has been very useful to detect preventable health complications and ensure quick medical intervention.

Reduce Absenteeism: This has helped reduce employee absenteeism and increase work productivity.

Comprehensive: This Annual Health Check-up is among the most comprehensive tests done for any corporate.

Seamless Execution: Add to this seamless execution of tests at a reasonable cost.

The testimonials from the employees and management were very encouraging and we look forward to serving and helping more employees.

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