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Six Wellness Tips for Working Women during COVID-19 pandemic

  • December 16, 2021
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Six Wellness Tips for Working Women during COVID-19 pandemic

Covid-19 continues to be a challenging norm worldwide. But its impact hasn’t been the same for everyone since the time it began. Though work flexibility was relatively easy for some employees, it came with a lot of pinches for others, especially working mothers, who took the disproportionate burden of child care and domestic chores.

Work stress is an organizational ethos that directly impacts employees’ work-life balance, wrecking productivity. Nonetheless, in these challenging times, when everyone’s definition of work culture has changed, setting healthy boundaries around work will help you manage your mental and physical stress.

Here are six tips you can take to protect your health while working during the Covid crisis:

1. Practice Mindfulness:

Sometimes, when you work tirelessly to plan and solve problems in your daily hustling life, it creates a negative feedback loop in the mind leading to stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression. But if you practice your version of mindfulness, such as meditating or doing something that makes you happy, staying healthy would become a part of your life, with less stress and better job satisfaction.

2. Plan your busy life:

If you are a working woman and a caregiver, the amount of work you may have to do can overwhelm you each morning. But, fear not! Make a list of all your tasks and schedule your day in advance. You may want to allot set time to each one of them to make your schedule a reality. Innovative employers have enabled access to health services for employees and their families/dependents. So reach out and access these resources at affordable prices through your EHS teams.

3. Participate in Ergonomic exercises:

To prevent common work-related maladies like fatigue and musculoskeletal injuries, it is necessary that you take a desk break every hour and gain access to ergonomic exercises at your desk zones, focusing on a range of motion, improved circulation with neck, chest, calf and shoulder stretches and back and side stretches available at your work. This way, you would be more engaged and perform better at work.

4. Do not skip meals and eat the right diet

Women who work for long hours must eat a balanced nutritious diet to keep their energies high throughout the day. Be sure not to skip meals and let your plate be colourful and diverse. Likewise, be wary of alcohol, coffee, tea, and other caffeinated drinks, which can, over time, lead to addiction and severe health problems.

5. Get enough rest:

Studies have shown that sleep loss can seriously damage your health, affecting the mind and physique. However, taking “power naps” during the workday (yes, in the midday), even for 15 to 20 minutes, can really improve your attention, mood and productivity. You can use nap rooms and nap pods at your workplace if provided by EHS teams to feel refreshed while ditching that caffeine that makes you feel tired.

6. Seek professional health advice

If you suffer from medical issues or are out of shape, you can seek preventive care from a health professional at your workplace. Also, you need to get regular checkups on campus, to make sure that you are aware of your health, screening out potential diseases.

So, listen to your body and follow its call to action!

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