Home care nursing services is a health care discipline that aims to address the medical needs of patients outside a hospital. The service offers compassionate, personalized, and comprehensive care for patients at home, allowing them to heal faster and more comfortably with the attention of their loved ones.

Magnolia nursing at home is a 24-hour care service that ensures uncompromising patients’ well-being by delivering high-quality care in the comfort of their own homes. From prescribing medication to delivering professional guidance, our trained and certified nurses, in liaison with treating physicians, provide patients with proper hospital-like care until they return to their normal and independent life again.

We offer a wide range of Nursing care services

Long-term Nursing Care @Home
Palliative Care
Personal care Attendant
Critical care Nursing
Geriatric Nursing
Rehabilitation Nursing
Child and Mother Care
Tracheostomy Nursing
Activities of daily living
Short-term Nursing Visits
Vital Checks
Fetal Monitoring
ECG Monitoring
Sitz Bath
Medicine Administration
Vaccine Administration
Nursing Procedures
Post -operative wound care
Ryle's tube insertion and removal
Foley's catheter insertion
IV fluids/mediations/cannulation
Drain care
Colostomy care
Central line care
Blood transfusion
Diabetic care

Benefits of Magnolia Nursing at Home

    Ask for Callback

    Care Executive identify suitable carer

    Expert visit home and do the assessment

    Service delivered

    Feedback and Progress Monitoring

    How to bring expert Nursing care at Home?

    Request for call back

    Care executive identify suitable carer

    Expert visit home and do the assessment

    Customized treatment plan created

    Journey towards recovery and good health begins

    Feedback and Progress Monitoring